This has reference to the implementation of Institutional Development and Capacity Building (IDCB) Activities for DSWD Quick Response Teams and LGUs.

To respond and adapt to the limitations and risks set by the emergency health crisis as well as integrate learning and development interventions on emerging programs and services per approved policies and issuances, kindly refer to the hereunder guidance per DSWD existing rules and regulations:


  1. To set targets for the implementation of IDCB activities for C.Y. 2022 please consider the following:
  • Activities for emerging programs with corresponding policies and other related issuances;
  • Activities with updated modules in response to distance learning set up;
  • Assessment on the needs of LGUs and QRTs in terms of competencies corresponding with the attainment of DSWD’s mandate on DRRM (e.g. Orientation on Response Cluster Management, Training on DROMIC Reporting, WFS, CFS, and other related activities); and
  • Mixed learning modalities such as face-to-face activities where participants are collocated in one area while resource persons are virtually delivering topics to address internet connectivity concerns.

2. Attached is the Learning and Development Catalogue to serve as a reference in identifying priority activities for C.Y. 2022. This covers new programs and services particular to IDP Protection and DROMIC Reporting.

Also, the catalogue includes activities of secondary priority particular to trainings hosted by Office of Civil Defense (OCD) as mandated by the NDRRMC.


  1. To host activities with premium accounts via Zoom, coordinate with DRMD Capacity Building Focal for booking. Please note that due to the limited hosting capacity of the premium accounts, hosting is subject to the availability of schedule. Advance notice to DRMD’s Capacity Building Focal a week prior to the activity is highly encouraged.
  2. To book your activities, kindly fill out the following template and email to

Name of Activity:
Contact/Focal Person:


  1. To give ample time for Pre-work activities, kindly submit requests 3-5 days prior to the activity implementation.
  2. Upon completion of the technical assistance, accomplish the Technical Assistance (TA) Evaluation Form and email to
  3. A notice confirming receipt of the TA Evaluation Form will be sent via email.


For your requests regarding the conduct of Capability Buildings related to Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, please contact:

NamePositionMobile NumberE-mail Address
AZENETH T. TRASMONTEProject Development Officer
MARY ERIEKA A. OLITRESInformation Officer
ALEXANDER C. CATUGASProject Development Officer


The IDCB Activity Tracker will be used to monitor the number of IDCB Activities conducted and number of QRTs trained for each quarter. The template can be accessed through LINK HERE It identifies the hereunder data:

  1. Activity Title
  2. Description
  3. Participants (QRT, Non-QRT, Intermediaries)
  4. Date of Implementation (Date and Duration)
  5. Venue
  6. Status of Funds in coordination with the Finance and Management Unit (FMU) of each respective FOs.


  1. Submission of QRT Quarterly Accomplishment Report, IDCB Activity Tracker, HPMES are dueevery 3rd of the month following each Quarter (Oct 3, January 3 next year).
  2. To consolidate and harmonize the C.Y. 2022 targets for the IDCB Program Implementation, all FOs are requested to submit the IDCB Activity Tracker on or before 30 September 2021.

Further, for activities requiring physical attendance and participation, kindly ensure adherence to minimum health standards set by the Department of Health and provisions stipulated under the Resolutions released by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases to prevent transmission of the virus.


  1. LDI Catalogue
  2. IDCB Activity Tracker;
  3. QRT Accomplishment Report; and
  4. Technical Assistance Evaluation Form.

// Based on the signed IDCB Advisory No. 2 On the Implementation of 2022 IDCB Activities