In preparation for disaster response operations, crucial information are essential for decision makers and planners. Thus, Disaster Critical Information (DCI) is initiated by the Disaster Response Information Management Section of the Disaster Response Management Division. It is a compilation of resources of the region including regional and local camps, hazard prone areas, geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDA), and standby capacities. 

To effectively assess and manage disaster situations, this compilation of the regional resources is made with the baseline capacity information of the region. 

  1. Evacuation Centers
    1. Regional Evacuation Centers
    2. Local Evacuation Centers
  2. Hazard Prone Areas
  3. Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas

GIDA refers to communities with marginalized population physically and socio-economically separated from the mainstream society and described to be: isolated due to distance, affected by extreme weather conditions and transportation difficulties to island, upland, lowland, landlocked, hard to reach, unserved or underserved communities, with high poverty incidence, presence of vulnerable sector or currently experiencing or recovering from a crisis situation.